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What is ingenio.xyz?

ingenio.xyz is a new online educational platform intended for engineers and architects. ingenio.xyz offers transversal courses in all areas of engineering and architecture from a perspective of the applicability of knowledge and the fundamental premise that “understanding is the true superpower”.

ingenio.xyz is set apart by its carefully selected team of professors (“with the utmost in knowledge, but who can also best explain it. Otherwise, they’re of no use.”), highly demanding subject matter and experimentation with regard to formats: Online training has moved from the classroom with its obvious physical limitations, to virtually the same classes but recorded on video, simply taking advantage of the possibility of temporary and geographical open access that the internet grants us. We would like to take this concept even further by experimenting with the prospects of digital technology.

The initial milestone is the innovative and efficient use of the “transparent” blackboard, which allows for powerful and enriching interaction with the professor’s hand and voice.

The educational process is changing and our intuition tells us how to experiment and progress; we believe that engineering, architecture and education are at the heart of this transformation, and we would like to offer the superpower of understanding. Our principal objectives and mindset are further explained in this document.

ingenio.xyz is for professionals...

Have you ever come across that senior engineer who with a few doodles and a couple of calculations gives you the solution you’ve spent days struggling with in your super-excel? “I wish I could explain it to you, but I haven’t got time just now…” Sound familiar?

At ingenio.xyz we’ve brought together the very best “Professors” who can explain the art of applied engineering, at your disposition here and now so you can advance in leaps and bounds in your career.

…and for students

Is engineering difficult? All engineers eventually reach their day of enlightenment, when we finally capture the true essence of everything we’ve been taught. We would like to help you avoid this arduous wait for your delayed moment of enlightenment. Because before we were engineers, we were also students, and we’ve developed for you the very best method for you to achieve the superpower of understanding.

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