Courses at for companies

Offer your employees the knowledge they need

The courses at are designed with the premise of eliminating the noise so that you can discover what is truly essential.

The creators of are responsible for companies that have trained many engineers, so we know first-hand the challenges of training a new employee.

And not only with new entrants, Technicians (not experts) also need:

  • To get up to date on the latest techniques.
  • To refresh concepts and phenomena that have gone rusty from their university years, or that they might never have properly learnt.
  • Learn to predimension.

One has to know nothing less than the fundamental concepts over which one takes decisions. All this, with the best online teaching method, moving the instructor closer and sitting them by your side.

Organise and measure your training programmes

You can sleep tight: we will agree with you on all the details so that everything, from what, where and when, to the content and form of communication and internal marketing is done just as you want it.

For those responsible for the training programme, everything will be on the cloud so that they can access all the information they need to measure its efficiency, offering them close monitoring so that they can verify the effectiveness of the training plan.

Save internal management time

You won’t have to introduce anything in your own server: the students can have access to the courses whenever and wherever they want either through our portal or integrating us in your intranet. We can even develop a specific portal just for you if that’s what you want.

Optimise the dedication of your experts

Training your employees is essential for the growth of your company. Doing that while optimising the implication of the most valuable experts in your organisation just makes it even better. That way, they will be able to focus on the business and use only the right amount of time in supporting whoever needs them.

Tell us your situation at [email protected] an we will create a customised plan just for you. From small to multinational companies.