A very common doubt among new CUBUS user is how to analyse cross sections defined in a STATIK structure with FAGUS.

We will now see that it is very simple to do this and it is fairly interesting when carrying out the calculations of a structure.

  1. Firstly, we open a new model in FAGUS and we select the cross section administrator inside the ‘Geometry’ tab.

  2. Once the cross section administrator is open we then use the right box to open the directory where our STATIK model is, in which we can also find its cross section library, from which we will obtain the cross section to analyse.

  3. We search and select the STATIK model that contains our cross section library.

  4. Once the cross sections from the library load, we import them into FAGUS.

  5. Finally, coming back to ‘Geometry’ and opening the cross section drop-down menu, we will find the imported cross sections ready for their analysis

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